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A slipcover is the quickest, cheapest way to a decorative facelift.  If you have a couch covered in brown and orange velvet or nubby cotton sitting sturdily and serviceably in your home, a slipcover will change its character.  If the seat and back cushions have flattened with age, we can add some extra filling.  Perhaps the greatest of all the many advantages of slipcovers is their moderate cost, since slipcover fabrics are generally cheaper than upholstery fabrics.



Slipcover Style

Slipcovers may be tight-fitting and plain, imitating upholstery, or they can be loose-"Shabby Chic" style.



Slipcover Fabrics


Any reasonably sturdy fabric can be used for slipcovers, such as cotton canvas.  Common sense dictates that the fabric should be washable, though for a more formal look, one that needs to be dry cleaned might be used.  If you desire your fabric pre-washed, we can do it for you.  However, you should test-wash a small sample first to determine fading and shrinkage.













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